Friday, October 18, 2019

Is Smelly Water a Plumbing Problem?

If you have recently went to your tap or taken a shower only to find that the water kind of has a strange scent to it, then you can be understandably worried. However, in most cases, the smells are easily explainable and may mean you need plumbing service.

Metallic Smell

Does your water smell like a penny or have that distinct metallic scent to it? In most cases, if metallic taste isn't normal for the water in your area, it can mean some mineral is leeching into it from your water heater or your pipes. If it is iron or zinc, it is typically not dangerous. However, if there is the potential for lead to seep into your water, you need to contact a plumber.

Moldy Smell

Water and mold go hand in hand, but typically not in your drinking water. If you have a moldy smell, it could be due to algae growing in your water supply or, more likely, you need to clean your water fixtures.

Rotten Egg Smell

This is not usually a smell that just appears. In areas where the water has a high iron content, that smell will always be vaguely around. Another cause could be hydrogen sulfide in your water, which can happen in wells and may give your water a black color but can also be removed. While this smell isn't exactly the most pleasant thing, it is not dangerous.

Could It Be Contaminated?

Any time your water is smelly or discolored, you are right to be wary. However, typically it is not because it is contaminated with sewage. In cases of contaminated water, it will taste salty rather than be smelly. However, what you can do is look up from local sources as to if there is a boil order in your neighborhood, or contact us with your questions.

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