Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Myth of the High Efficiency Toilet

When you hear the term high efficiency toilet, you may think, who wouldn’t want that? Don’t be fooled. Picking a toilet for your bathroom isn’t as easy as picking out the high efficiency model and walking out of the store. And, choosing the wrong toilet could lead to more hassle down the line.

Below are three things to remember when shopping for a new toilet:

  • What you pay for is what you get. As with other household purchases, investing more money in this purchase might be the way to go. Inexpensive toilets will not operate as well as a higher-end toilet.
  • Think about your desired toilet height! Studies have shown that 99% of consumers prefer a comfort height toilet. Comfort height toilets sit 2-3 inches higher than a standard toilet and are easier for a consumer to get in and out of.
  • A toilet’s ability to flush increases with a 1- ½”, or better, trap way. You may not need a ‘high efficiency’ toilet to get the most efficiency out of yours.

Remember, even if you don’t know where to start, keep these three tips in mind. If all else fails, call The Polite Plumber at (973) 398-0875 and we won’t ask how it happened!

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